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A-Z Guide / Policies

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Accessibility Info

Complete information about accessibility services including sign interpretation, arena access, purchasing accessible tickets and accessible parking can be found on the Accessibility Page.

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Alcohol Policy

The Schottenstein Center mission is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests. We recognize our responsibility to ensure that alcohol sales, service and consumption are effectively managed. The Schottenstein Center and Levy promote responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages by following the TEAM (Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management) Program and Industry Best Practices. If you have any concerns or issues during your visit, please contact any of our Guest Services Staff.

  1. Alcohol will not be sold or permitted to be in possession of persons under the legal drinking age of 21 years old. Servers will request identification from any guests that appear to be 30 years of age or younger.
  2. In accordance with Ohio law, Levy Concessions will only accept Ohio Driver’s Licenses, ID Cards issued by the Ohio Department of Public Safety for guests who do not drive, driver’s licenses from other states/ Canada that can be validated OR valid Military ID’s or Passports
  3. We follow the TEAM (Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management) on Campus Program and has staff trained to manage and monitor alcohol consumption and respond to alcohol-related issues.
  4. Guests who consume alcohol are expected to drink responsibly. A Designated Driver Program is available at Guest Services locations on each seating level. Responsible Designated Driver participants will receive an identifying wristband and coupon for a complimentary soft drink.
  5. Guests are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages into the facility or permitted to leave the facility with alcoholic beverages. Guests who appear intoxicated will not be permitted to enter the facility and if necessary their ticket will be refunded. Guests who violate alcohol policies are subject to ejection or further actions with no refund.
  6. Guests may only purchase or be in possession of a maximum of two alcoholic beverages at any time. Bottles and cans will be decanted into plastic cups if event dynamics or Artist’s request dictates.
  7. For events when alcohol is served, sales will be cut off according to the following general guidelines:
    • Men’s Basketball – cut off at the 10-minute mark of the second half.
    • Women’s Basketball – cut off at the start of the 4th quarter.
    • Hockey – cut off at the start of the 3rd period.
    • Concerts – cut off is generally one hour prior to the estimated end time of the show.
  8. Management may cut off or limit alcohol sales at any time. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of alcohol to any guest.
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Animals are prohibited with the exception of service animals for guests with special needs. If you have questions about bringing a service animal into the building, call (614) 688-3939.

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Huntington Bank Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) can be found on the Entry Level at sections 114 & 127 and at Section 232 on the Huntington Level.

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As a general rule, guests do not have the opportunity to obtain autographs from athletes or artists. For some concert tours or at certain designated games, special autograph sessions may be set up in the concourse.


Automotive Assistance

If you encounter car problems during or after an event at the Schottenstein Center, please contact a Guest Services staffer or Parking Team member for assistance. We will assist in any manner that we are able to.

Bag Policy

Bag Policy

For safety and to expedite guest entry, The Schottenstein Center and The Ohio State University have implemented the following bag policy: Backpacks, duffels or any bag larger than 14" x 14" x 6'' are not permitted. One bag per person will be allowed. All bags, jackets, and persons are subject to security screening and inspection.


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Bicycle Racks

Bicycle racks are located outside the SE and NW Rotundas.

Camera Policy

Camera Policy

Video cameras, tripods, audio recording devices and cameras with telephoto or zoom lenses are not permitted. The standard policy for most events (including Ohio State hockey and basketball games) allows still cameras with a lens no greater than 100mm without flash. For most Concerts and Special Events, the general policy prohibits audio or video recording of any kind but will allow small, pocket-sized point-&-shoot cameras. If you would like to know more about what a specific show’s camera policy will be, please call 614-688-3939 to verify. At no time may photography interfere with other guests’ enjoyment.


Cellphones and Computers Policy

Cell Phones / Computers/ Charging Stations

Cell phones are allowed in the arena as long as their use does not interfere with other guests’ enjoyment. Laptops and tablet computers are allowed for some special events but generally NOT allowed for concerts. For a specific event’s policy, call 614-688-3939.

Devices cannot be plugged into building electrical outlets; however, there are FREE Charging Stations at Sections 127, 231 & 331. Currently, we do not have a wireless internet connection available for guests.

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Child Ticket Policy

Ohio State University adheres to the Big Ten Conference policy of requiring that all guests, regardless of age, must present a valid ticket for entrance into men's basketball and men's ice hockey games. For OSU Women’s Basketball, a child under 2 does not need a ticket but is required to sit in the lap of their parent or guardian.

Fans wishing to bring small children (under the age of 2) may purchase a lap ticket at a discounted rate for their infant. This ticket will allow the infant to enter the venue but that child must sit on their parent/guardian's lap. If a seat must be occupied by the child and/or a carrier, then a regular ticket must be purchased.

Lap tickets are only available on game/event day and can be purchased at the ticket office at the venue in which the event is being held. Only children UNDER age 2 are eligible for the lap ticket discount. This lap ticket policy only applies to home contests in football, men's basketball, and men's ice hockey

  • Men's Basketball - Schottenstein Center - NW or SE ticket office - $5/ticket
  • Men's Ice Hockey -Schottenstein Center -NW or SE ticket office - $2/ticket

For most Concerts and Special Events, a child under 2 years old does not need a ticket but we recommend that you call before you buy as some family shows have policies requiring tickets for those under 2 years old. Call 614-688-3939 for information about a specific event.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Our goal is to create a high-energy, enthusiastic environment, to lend support to our OSU teams and create memorable special events. Guests are expected to act responsibly and be considerate of others. Guests engaging in improper conduct (including but not limited to profane or abusive language, intoxication, and fighting/ throwing objects) may be ejected without refund and are subject to arrest.

Designated Driver Program

Designated Driver Program

Guests may register for the designated driver program at Guest Services. The individual agrees to be the designated driver for the night. They receive a wristband identifying them and a coupon for a complimentary soft drink for their participation.

Info on Door Times

Doors/ Entry and Re-Entry

Depending on the event, doors typically open 60 to 90 minutes prior to the face-off, tip-off or show start time. Call 614-688-3939 to verify times for the event you plan to attend. A complete unscanned ticket must be presented for admission. Guests may not exit and then re-enter except in the case of personal emergencies - check with a supervisor at one of the rotundas to make arrangements.

Each of the Center's rotundas has a corresponding name:
Southwest side - Nuthouse Rotunda
Northeast corner - Carmen Rotunda
Southeast corner (Lane Ave. & Olentangy River Rd.) - Brutus Rotunda
Northwest corner - Block O' Rotunda 

Drop Off and Pick Up Information

Drop Off / Pick Up Locations

Guests can be dropped-off before/ picked-up after an event on Borror Drive which runs along the North Side of the building. Parking Services staff will direct you to the designated location for your event. Drop-off/ Pick-up locations may vary depending on the event.


Emergency Procedures

Should you need immediate assistance, please notify the nearest event staff member, security personnel, or visit a Guest Services Center located on the concourse on the Entry Level concourse at Section 122, the Huntington Level at Section 231 and on the Terrace Level at Section 331.

In the event of a serious emergency at the Schottenstein Center, event staff members are ready and available to assist all guests, including guests with disabilities. Pertinent information regarding the emergency situation and evacuation procedures will be provided over the public address system.

Family Amenities

Family Accommodations

Changing Stations
Changing stations are available in all restrooms.

Family Restrooms
Family restrooms are available across from Section 124 on the Entry Level

Quiet / Parent Room
If you or someone in your party needs a break from the action due to sensory issues, please see a Guest Services Team Member who can help you to a Quiet Room for the event.

​For select events, a free Parent Room will be available featuring snacks, magazines and a TV where parents or guardians may wait while their children enjoy the event. An event ticket is not required, however, those without tickets must remain in the Parent Room and do not have access to the show at any time.

Child Ticket Policy
Ohio State University adheres to the Big Ten Conference policy that requires all guests, regardless of age, to present a valid ticket for entrance into men's basketball and men's ice hockey games. For Women’s Basketball, a child under 2 does not need a ticket, but must sit in the lap of their parent /guardian.

Fans wishing to bring small children (under age of 2) may purchase a lap ticket so infant may enter the venue but must sit on their parent/guardian's lap. If your child needs a seat, a regular ticket must be purchased. Lap tickets are only available on game/event day at the ticket office.

  • Men's Basketball - $5 per lap ticket
  • Men's Ice Hockey - $2 per lap ticket

For most Concerts and Special Events, a child under 2 years old does not need a ticket but we recommend that you call 614-688-3939 before you buy as some family shows have policies requiring tickets for those under 2 years old.

Strollers are welcome; however, their use may not interfere with other guests or block access. They can be stored under the guest’s seat or may be checked at Guest Services.

Wellness Room/ Nursing Mothers                                

A dedicated private Wellness Room for nursing mothers is available at Section 104 on the Entry Level Concourse.  Amenities include a refrigerator, microwave, sink, baby changing table and a television. Supplies are also available should you forget to bring a necessity. Ask a uniformed Guest Services Team Member about access.

First Aid

First Aid

First Aid (staffed by paramedics/EMTs or the American Red Cross) is located on the Entry Level at Section 118 and on the Terrace Level at Section 331. In an emergency, please notify any Team Member or uniformed police officer. Coin-operated dispensers at both locations contain over-the-counter medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen.

Food and Drink Information

Food & Beverage

popcorn.JPGOutside food and beverage are prohibited within the Schottenstein Center. The exclusive food and beverage services provider, Levy Restaurants, offers a variety of items on the entry, Huntington Club, and terrace levels.

Concession stands offer traditional arena fares such as hot dogs, pretzels, popcorn, nachos and refillable Coca-Cola products. There is also a great selection of specialty burgers, chicken bites, subs & sandwiches, and salads at select locations.  Local favorite, Dontatos Personal Pizzas, can be found on all levels of the arena.

A wide variety of domestic and craft beers including Miller-Coors products, Brew Dog, and Columbus' own Land Grant are available.


Guest Services

Guest Services

We are committed to providing a safe and friendly atmosphere. Guest Attendants, Security Officers, and Guest Services staffers are available to help. Guest Services locations are located at Section 127 on the Entry Level, Section 231 on the Huntington level and Section 331 on the Terrace Level.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found (items and Tag-A-Kid)

During an event, Lost & Found items are turned in to Guest Services locations on each level. If you find an item, please take it to Guest Services. After an event, unclaimed items are taken to the administrative offices. To check on a lost item, call 614-688-3939. Stop by Guest Services upon entry to tag your child with a wristband that lists their seat location.

PA Announcements

PA Announcements / Paging/ Birthday-Anniversary Wishes

PA announcements at the request of guests cannot be accommodated during events. To reach somebody attending an event (emergency ONLY), call the Administrative Office at (614) 688-3939 and provide their exact seat location. Fans wishing to have a birthday or anniversary wishes placed on the Schottenstein Center's in-arena video scoreboard can do so by calling 614-292-3672. Deadline is 3 business days prior to the game.


The Schottenstein Center Exterior Event Marquee promotes events at the Schottenstein Center, Nationwide Arena, and OSU Athletic events. It is not available for personal messaging.


Permitted Items

Body attached baby carriers with a child

Point and click cameras are allowed for most events.  Call us at (614) 688-3939 to find out the camera policy for a specific event.

Coats, jackets, rain apparel, and umbrellas

Mobility devices (including canes, crutches, walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, scooters, etc.)

One bag 14" x 14" x 6" or smaller

Guests with medical, dietary, or childcare needs may enter through any entrance and are permitted one bag for: medications, single serving snack for medical needs, diapers, formula, baby food, baby bottles, breast pump, etc.


Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items/ Security Screening

Large bags and backpacks are not permitted. To present a safe event for everyone, jackets and bags may be searched upon entry. If prohibited items are found, the item will be confiscated OR the guest may return it to their vehicle. The Schottenstein Center cannot safeguard personal belongings.

In addition to building search procedures and recognition of prohibited items, guests may be asked to comply with security requirements, i.e. removal of hats, emptying of metal from pockets and entry through metal detectors. CLICK HERE for DETAILS.

The Schottenstein Center has the sole right to determine the type of pre-event screening. Refusal of search procedures may result in being denied entry into the venue.

  • Banners, posters, and signs are not permitted for OSU athletic events and for most special events. Some events allow small signs as long as they do not impede the view of other guests. (Call 614-688-3939 to verify the policy for the event you will be attending.) No poles or sticks (including selfie sticks) will be allowed. Signs deemed offensive, vulgar or commercial will not be permitted.
  • Outside food and beverages, coolers, bottles and cans are not permitted.
  • Any type of laser object is strictly prohibited. Any guest found using such an object is subject to immediate ejection and confiscation of the object. In addition, game delays created by use of such objects could result in a penalty to the home team.
  • Noise-making devices are not permitted including but not limited to: horns, whistles, filled milk jugs, and bells. Guests may bring a small portable radio or television as long as they listen with an earpiece or headphones and it doesn’t obstruct other guests or aisle access.

For the safety and comfort of guests, staff, and artists, the following items are never permitted:

  • Animals (except service animals assisting guests with disabilities)
  • Fireworks or explosives
  • Helium balloons and beach balls
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Weapons of any kind (can include pocket knives, wallet chains, tools, and jewelry)
  • Any items that in the judgment of venue management may pose a safety hazard or diminish the enjoyment of an event by other guests.

Vending, peddling, product sampling and flyering are prohibited without the express permission of venue management.

Frequently Asked Questions About Walk-Through Metal Detectors

What items do I need to remove from my pockets or clothing before walking through the metal detectors? 

Phones, mobile devices, headwear, keys and any other large metal items must be removed.

Do I have to remove my shoes and other metal including belts, jewelry, hair clips?

Unlike at an airport, guests do NOT need to remove shoes, belts, small jewelry, hair clips, wallets or small amounts of loose change.

What if an alarm sounds?

If an alarm is triggered, a secondary search will be conducted by a security staff member.

If I use a wheelchair, scooter or walker, do I still pass through the metal detectors?

As long as the chair, scooter or walker fits through the machines. If the mobility device does not fit guests may request a wand screening.

If I have an artificial hip/knee or a pacemaker, do I still have to pass through the metal detectors?

It is safe to proceed through the machines, however, guests may request a wand screening.

If I am an expectant mother, do I have to pass through the metal detectors?

It is safe for expectant mothers to pass through the machines, however, guests may request a wand screening.

What is the policy for children?

Children are subject to screening, however, infants may be carried. Parents with small children may proceed through the machines alongside their children.

Shuttle Information


A free “Quick Schott” shuttle is available at most large events and runs from the Buckeye Lots (corner of Ackerman and Fred Taylor Drive) to the Center's NE Rotunda. Pick-up after the event is at the NE Rotunda. The service is typically available one hour before doors open until approximately 90 minutes after the event. Call 614-688-3939 to see if the shuttle will be available during the event you are attending.

Taxis/Ride Share Info

Taxis/ Rideshare (Lyft & Uber)

Taxis and Rideshare vehicles can be found after an event along Borror Drive on the North side of the facility. Our Guest Services Booth at Section 127 will gladly call a taxi for you.

Team Shop Info

Team Shop

Find officially licensed Ohio State University gear including Buckeye flags, bobbleheads, tailgate gear, T-shirtsJerseys, and Hats online at https://shop.ohiostatebuckeyes.com/. See the latest finds at the Official Team Shop on site at the Schottenstein Center on the Northeast corner (across from the parking lot). Find the perfect gifts like and other Ohio State merchandise for any Ohio State fan!

Smoking Policy

Tobacco/ No Smoking

The use of all types of tobacco products (including and not limited to, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos, hookah smoked products, pipes, oral tobacco and nasal tobacco) is prohibited in all university buildings and on all university-owned properties, including parking lots, garages, and all outside areas. This also includes any product intended to mimic tobacco products, contain tobacco flavoring, or deliver nicotine other than for the purpose of cessation.

Tour and Visitor Info

Tours / Visitor Information

Get a backstage tour of The Schottenstein Center, home of the Ohio State Buckeyes and arena to the stars!

Tours include:

  • Backstage dressing rooms
  • Team locker room hallway & training facilities
  • Huntington Club and the University's Buckeye Suite
  • the Ohio State Athletics Hall of Fame
  • Award-winning terrazzo flooring
  • VIP Meet & Greet Rooms
  • Arena Floor

Building tours (on non-event days) are available - call 688-3939 to book a tour and receive cost information. Accommodations can be made for guests with special needs. Tours of the Schottenstein Center typically last about 1-1.25 hours. For information on Ohio Stadium tours, please call the Athletic Department at 614-247-6713.

Age Policy Thumbnail

Wellness Room/ Nursing Mothers

Wellness Room/ Nursing Mothers                                

A dedicated private Wellness Room for nursing mothers is available at Section 104 on the Entry Level Concourse.  Amenities include a refrigerator, microwave, sink, baby changing table and a television. Supplies are also available should you forget to bring a necessity. Ask a uniformed Guest Services Team Member about access.