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Working at the Schottenstein Center is an exciting and rewarding experience!  Security Control team members are responsible for staffing the 24/7 security office just off the loading dock. Staff members monitor CCTV cameras, operate loading dock bays, make secure ‘rounds’ through the building, receive / deliver packages and respond to emergencies. 




While our primary duty is to serve guests, many staff members (based on assignment) will be able to see games or events while they work. Other benefits include:

  • Starting pay: $9.10/ hr
  • Free parking when you work
  • Free meal during event shifts
  • Complimentary game tickets (Pending availability) - a pair of tickets to one game for: Football, Women’s Volleyball, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Ice Hockey, Women’s Gymnastics, Wrestling, Men’s Lacrosse, and Baseball
  • Paid annual training programs to stay current on the event and hospitality industry
  • Students: Opportunities for internship credit, networking & mock interviews
  • Annual Holiday Party & Spring Picnic

Application Interview Process

Interested parties may complete an application at any time (to be kept on file until next Open Interview Session) OR on site at an Open Interview Session. Applicants must attend an Open Interview Session to be considered for a position. There is no “waitlist” to become a Team Member. If you do not attend Open Interviews, your application will be discarded. You may apply again next year. Applications are not kept on file from year to year.

The most convenient area to park for Open Interviews is in the Scarlet Lots adjacent to the Schottenstein Center on the north side.  Free parking is available in these lots during Open interviews.

Enter the Schottenstein Center through the Northwest Rotunda - facing Bill Davis Stadium (baseball) near the corner of Borror Drive and Fred Taylor Drive.

Applicants are interviewed in the order that they arrive. Interviews last 15-20 minutes. Arriving first to Open Interviews will not increase your chance of being hired. All applicants have an equal opportunity to be hired.

Following Open Interviews, applicants will be notified via email whether they are being offered a position or declined. Employment is conditional pending a criminal background check and attendance at a mandatory New Hire Orientation training.  If you are unable to attend New Hire Orientation, the employment offer will be rescinded.  You may apply again the following year.

General Requirements

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Applicants must be able to remain in a designated position, which may include standing or sitting for several hours at a time, communicate and be approachable, be able to respond to emergencies in a calm and collective manner, work with a diverse group of people, possibly work outside and complete tasks at the instruction of a supervisor. Applicants should be available for 2 shifts per week and are required to attend training sessions.

For questions about positions or hiring, contact Brooks Imhoff at [email protected]