Ticket Information

The Schottenstein Center Ticket Office is located in the Southeast Rotunda – accessible by entering through the Northeast rotunda (nearest Olentangy River Road).  For the latest event information, CALL 1-800 ARENA-01 or (614) 292-3231.

Schottenstein Center Ticket Office Hours

Regular Hours
Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM
Saturday-Sunday Closed*

*except for OSU athletics events, on-sales AND event nights

The Ticket Office will be closed for all OSU University Holidays. For specific holiday hours please call 1-800-GO-BUCKS or visit www.ohiostatebuckeyes.com/tickets  

  • OSU Football games - open 4 hours prior to kickoff through halftime
  • OSU Men’s Basketball- open 2 hours before event through halftime
  • OSU Men’s Ice Hockey- open 90 minutes before event through the second intermission
  • OSU Women’s Basketball - open 90 minutes before event through halftime
  • Entertainment Events - open 90 minutes before event through intermission



Purchasing Tickets

ticketmaster_inline.jpgTickets are available through Ticketmaster Charge-By-Phone (1-800-745-3000) and ticketmaster.com until 2 hours prior to the start of the event OR at the Schottenstein Center Ticket Office until the start of the event. Once inside, guests may purchase tickets for upcoming events at the Sales Window across from section 101.  Methods of Payment  - CASH, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER & AMERICAN EXPRESS.  Service charges may apply.



The Schottenstein Center strictly prohibits ticket scalping and the resale of tickets on Ohio State University Property. 

WARNING: Tickets should always be purchased from an authorized ticket agent, i.e. the Ohio State Athletics Ticket Office, Ticketmaster, or the Ohio State Ticket Exchange. Please be advised that StubHub, Vivid Seats, eBay and ticket brokers, for example, are not recognized ticketing agents of Ohio State. Tickets purchased from unauthorized agents could be counterfeit, stolen, or otherwise void, and may not be valid for admission to the event. Guests with invalid tickets will not be permitted to enter the Stadium and will have no recourse for reimbursement or other compensation.

Only Ticketmaster mobile-compatible tickets (generated by Ticketmaster and shown on a mobile device as a QR code, not a standard barcode) will be allowed to enter the venue via mobile device. All traditional print-at-home or PDF tickets MUST be printed and presented on paper for entry. As a service to our patrons, tickets purchased via unauthorized sources such as StubHub, Vivid Seats, eBay, craigslist, ticket brokers, or other agents not authorized by Ohio State may be reprinted by the Ohio State Ticket Office in conjunction with a non-refundable $10-$20 per ticket fee.

PLEASE NOTE: The ticket office is not responsible for validating tickets that were not purchased through an authorized source, and reprinting the ticket does not guarantee the validity of the ticket or entry into the facility. PROTECT YOURSELF- Only purchase tickets from authorized sources.

Age Policy

Ohio State University adheres to the Big Ten Conference policy of requiring that all guests, regardless of age, must present a valid ticket for entrance into football, men's basketball, and men's ice hockey games. For OSU Women’s Basketball, a child under 2 does not need a ticket, but is required to sit in the lap of their parent or guardian.

Fans wishing to bring small children (under the age of 2) to any of these events may purchase a lap ticket at a discounted rate for their infant. This ticket will allow the infant to enter the venue but that child must sit on their parent/guardian's lap. If a seat must be occupied by the child and/or a carrier, then a regular ticket must be purchased.

  • Lap tickets are only available on game/event day and can be purchased at the ticket office at the venue in which the event is being held
  • Only children UNDER age 2 are eligible for the lap ticket discount
  • This lap ticket policy only applies to home contests in football, men's basketball, and men's ice hockey

Football - Ohio Stadium - Gate 5 (NW Corner) - $10/ticket

Men's Basketball - Schottenstein Center - NW or SE ticket office - $5/ticket

Men's Ice Hockey -Schottenstein Center -NW or SE ticket office - $2/ticket

For most Concerts and Special Events at the Schottenstein Center, a child under 2 years old does not need a ticket but it is recommended to call before you buy as some family shows have policies requiring tickets for those under 2 years old. Call 614-688-3939 for information about a specific event.    

Will Call

ALL guests are required to show photo ID.
Entertainment: General WILL CALL may be picked up 90 minutes prior to the event from the Main Ticket Office (SE Rotunda) or Satellite Ticket Office (NW Rotunda).  Tickets left by performers/ tour staff must be picked up in the SE Rotunda and usually arrive approximately one hour prior to the event start time.
OSU Men’s Ice Hockey: General WILL CALL may be picked up 90 minutes prior to the game at the Main Ticket Office (SE Rotunda) or Satellite Ticket Office (NW Rotunda). Tickets left by players or for recruits must be picked up in the NW Rotunda. Ohio State Student entrance (show valid BuckID for admittance) in the SW Rotunda
OSU Women’s Basketball: General WILL CALL may be picked up 90 minutes prior to the game at the Main Ticket Office (SE Rotunda) or Satellite Ticket Office (NW Rotunda). Tickets left by players, coaches, staff or for recruits must be picked up in the NW Rotunda. Ohio State Student entrance (show valid BuckID for admittance) in the SW Rotunda
OSU Men’s Basketball: General WILL CALL may be picked up 2 hours prior to the game at the Main Ticket Office (SE Rotunda) or Satellite Ticket Office (NW Rotunda). Tickets left by players or for recruits must be picked up in the SW Rotunda. Tickets left by coaches or staff must be picked up in the NW Rotunda. The Ohio State Student entrance is the SW Rotunda.

Ticket FAQs

Random Number Distribution Policy

For most entertainment events, the Random Number Distribution (RND) policy is used during the on-sale to ensure a fair method of ticket distribution giving fans an equal chance of purchasing the best tickets to an event, prevents scalpers from buying the best seats, and discourages “camping out”.

  • Children age 12 and under are not eligible to receive a number.
  • Numbers will be distributed approximately 2 hours prior to the on-sale OR at any point that the number of guests in line reaches 10 or more.
  • All fans arriving 30 minutes prior to the on-sale will receive a number. Fans arriving after that time will be placed at the end of the line.
  • Everyone who receives a random number has an equal chance of being first in line.
  • 30 minutes prior to the on-sale, the beginning number will be chosen.
  • Fans must be present when the first number is drawn to be eligible to claim their place in line.
  • Once the beginning number is chosen, fans will be lined up in numerical order, and must remain in that order until they complete their purchase.
  • Issuance of a random number does not guarantee you a ticket.

My tickets turned black. What happened?

As a security measure, tickets are printed on thermal paper. If tickets are stored in cars or extreme heat, they may turn black and become unreadable. If this happens, contact Ticketmaster Customer Service at (800) 745-3000 or the Ticket Office at (800) GO-BUCKS, and replacement tickets will be issued if the original seats can be determined.

Why can’t I find information on an event coming to the Schottenstein Center?

The Schottenstein Center cannot release any information until the promoter grants permission. Many times the website of the artist will announce the information before the Schottenstein Center has the right to make it public. Once we have been given permission, full info will be listed on our event calendar. To see the current upcoming events, check out our Event Calendar page.

How are ticket prices decided? Ticket quantity limits?

Ticket prices and limits are typically set by the artist and finalized through contract negotiations between the artist and the promoter.

What is the difference between purchasing a ticket from Ticketmaster as opposed to purchasing from the Schottenstein Center ticket office?

The primary difference between purchasing a ticket at the Center ticket office as opposed to Ticketmaster relates to service charges. There is no service charge on tickets purchased in person at the ticket office. Be aware that a facility fee may apply regardless of  purchase loaction.  Tickets purchased from Ticketmaster are also subject to a per-ticket service charge which varies by event and the method of ordering. 

Why do some of the best tickets sell so quickly?

When an event goes on sale there are often thousands of customers simultaneously attempting to purchase tickets across multiple distribution channels.

Like any limited commodity, tickets are sold as long as seats are available, and sometimes they go quickly. If 500 fans are simultaneously buying four tickets each, 2,000 tickets can be sold in just seconds!  There is a common misconception that all shows sell out which is extremely rare.  At the beginning of an on-sale, many seats may be held as buyers browse and end up released back into the pool.

Why are “better” tickets sometimes available long after the event goes on sale?

Tickets may be released for sale as the event date approaches. This happens for several reasons such as 1) The artist or team may no longer need the tickets that were held when the event originally went on sale, or 2) Once the stage or event area is set up, the venue has a better idea about which seats are obstructed. Often great seats can be released at the last minute.

Why do I need to keep my ticket stub?

The ticket stub is proof that you purchased the right to sit in a specific seat. Schottenstein Center staff will often ask to see a ticket stub when you are moving around the facility or returning to your seat. A ticket stub is also needed whenever a cancellation or rescheduled performance situation occurs.

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